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Artist Statement

From No Man's Land to the Nightingale

Nightingale noun. night·​in·​gale ˈnī-tᵊn-ˌgāl. -tiŋ-: A bird noted for their sweet song or for singing at night. 


In a location at the very southeastern edge of the Greater Manchester border, wedged between 3 councils (Stockport, East Cheshire and High Peak), Strines was a no man’s land defined more by its bordering towns than its own identity. 

A new family-oriented estate and strong train links to Manchester shifted the demographic increasingly younger, resulting in a melting pot of old and young; A new and evolving population, yet still lacking a sense of identity and community. 

The traditional pub of this transient village, set along a main road that lies between the Peak Forest Canal and the edge of the Peak District, couldn’t be sustained in its current guise. ‘To Let’ for over 2 years with no one prepared to take the gamble. 

Locals debated what it was that the village really needed and what it would take for the pub to succeed; but lacked confidence in any solution. 

With nervous excitement, word spread that experienced pub-owner of the popular Rose & Monkey gig venue in Manchester’s NQ was to take the reins with a vision to bring this very experience to the underserved suburbs in Strines.
From 2022, emerging artists, well-established local singers and musicians and well-known North West bands of the 90s have taken to the intimate indoor and outdoor venue of the newly-named Strines Nightingale with great warmth and affection from the local community. 


" No greater sensation was ever created by a little thing, than the arrival of The Strines Nightingale " 

from 'Memories of Marple' Joel Wainwright, 1899 

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